Online Learning with Rabbi Alfredo

Monday, February 1st - 7:15 pm - 8:30 pm


All are welcome to join Rabbi Alfredo for class every Monday evening.
Please email for the Zoom link. 
The Siddur – Who compiled it, and when and how was it done? Who wrote the prayers? Where did the inspiration come from? Learn about the book that has shaped our spiritual life for centuries.
Tonight’s topic, continued from last week: Why could the great sages not pray in the same shul? The heated debate over what the Amida should say.
Upcoming classes: 
1) Oseh Shalom: What is it and why did it become number one on the chart of prayer’s greatest hits?
2) Misheberach: What are the sources of this healing prayer and does it work? 
3) Adon Olam: All the philosophy you can fit in a prayerbook. 
4) Aleinu: The missing sentence that the Russian Czar detested and who is still saying it today. 
5) Ashrei: The most joyous prayer. 

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