Adult Education

Adult Education

The Great Ethical Legacies of Judaism in Action

In this workshop, participants will first take the VIA ME (Values in Action) strength inventory. The VIA ME will provide you with a personal map of your strengths such as “courage”, “love of learning” and “self-regulation.”

Once a “personal strengths benchmark” has been established, we will delve into a close reading of the great ethical legacies in Judaism.

We will explore the ethical writings of thinkers and leaders such as Moses, Maimonides, Theodor Herzl, Edmond James de Rothschild and Sholem Aleichem. We will study mystics, Chasidic masters, Holocaust victims and survivors, and contemporary American Jews to find out what they left behind as ethical legacies.

As we discover their legacies, we will connect them to our personal strengths generating a dialogue and developing our own ethical legacies.

Classes are:
Monday Evenings – in Larchmont at CSY 7:45 pm check events  for dates

Or email us at:  for class meeting dates.