About Us

Congregation Sulam Yaakov is a dedicated Jewish community that fosters moral and spiritual growth, incorporating the study of Torah and its values into our daily lives.

Our guiding principles:

  • Every member is a vital part of the whole and participation is welcomed and encouraged
  • As an innovative congregation, we are open to experimentation and welcome the ways in which it may strengthen both our quest for spiritual connection and our commitment to Israel and the world Jewish community
  • A strong social action commitment

We welcome you to become a part of our congregational community.

Sulam Yaakov means Jacob’s Ladder

According to the Torah, Genesis 28:12, Jacob dreams of a ladder set in the ground with its top reaching the sky. On it, angels go up and down, rather than down from heaven and back up.  Jacob’s ladder evokes for us a spiritual search and transformation starting from our earthbound position reaching up and then returning to earth, where our thoughts and actions can benefit us.  The image of angels going up and down the steps of the ladder represents different levels of knowledge or stages in our lives.