Shavuot Weekend – Services and Study

We begin with Shabbat on Saturday morning, June 8th at 9:30am. We will be treated to a meaningful service including joyous Psalms, meditative chanting, learning and communal Kiddush.

We begin the celebration of Shavuot, the holiday of Revelation of the Torah at Sinai, with the traditional Tikkun or study night. From 8:00pm on June 8th to as long as we last, we will study the theme of: “Entering the Mysterious Palace: Tales from the Mystical Masters.”

And then we continue to celebrate Shavuot on Sunday morning, June 9th at 9:30am. Services will include the special Torah reading for the celebration of Shavuot, and Yizkor.

And…let’s not forget the traditional delicious cheesecake on Shavuot.

Please, don’t make Shavuot be envious of Passover! Give this marvelous holiday a chance!