Sulaam Yaakov awarded 2013 Outreach Award

Sulam Yaakov Awarded USCJ 2013 Young Adult Outreach Micro Grant.

We are pleased to announce that Congregation Sulam Yaakov is a recipient of the 2013 Young Adult Outreach Micro Grant sponsored by the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. Rabbi Alfredo Borodowski and Glenna Lee’s application stood out from the 90 applications and was awarded a grant of $3,050.00, the highest amount distributed. The Grant is designed to attract a younger adult population to Sulam Yaakov, directed towards adult interest, and not marketing to the family. Too often young adults step into a Synagogue only once it becomes relevant to their children, but with this Grant, we will establish opportunities for adults to have their own Jewish stimulation and to create a peer-community amongst themselves.

The Rabbi and Director of Education at Sulam Yaakov designed our program, “Finding Judaism In The Cellar,” around the Winter and Spring Jewish Holidays. Each happen to have a connection to either wine or cheese – two items that are attractive to the adult palate. Wine and cheese will be used as an entry point into exploring the Jewish holidays. For example, Tu B’shevat, Purim, and Passover, all have a focus on wine. Participants will be invited to join the Rabbi and Glenna at Vintage 1891, a local restaurant and wine bar located across from the Synagogue, where they will be served a Kosher Wine and Vegetarian Food Tasting, while learning the significance of wine within each of the holidays. In honor of Shavuot, the group will meet at Auray Gourmet, a cheese shop also located across from the Synagogue, where they will be served a variety of Kosher cheese and learn the significance of dairy to Shavuot.

As Rabbi Alfredo notes, “Rabbinic and Modern Jews’ taste is connected by wine. Wine marks the beginning of celebrating holidays and unifies communities and families around the table. In our community, like in many others in America, wine has become the hobby, passion, and connective social tissue of many. The intention of this program is to take advantage of and to harness that passion for the spirits with the spirit of Judaism.” “Our hope,” continues Glenna Lee, “is that adults in the community will come together in a relaxed, attractive atmosphere in order to connect socially and elevate their interest in Judaism, and ultimately, in connecting to a Synagogue. This program is designed to invigorate members of the community to connect to Judaism on an adult-level as well as to create an opportunity of outreach to adults that may not have yet connected with a Jewish Community. Members and non-members are invited to attend these events. For more information or to register for these funded programs, please contact the Director of Education at Congregation Sulam Yaakov, Glenna Lee, at or 914-834-1093.